Frequently Asked Questions at Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg

Is it possible to convert my existing manual gate into an automated gate?

It is more than possible to convert existing manual swing gates to automated. Installers will have a variety of either hydraulic or electromechanical gate motors that could be attached to your manual gate to facilitate this. Talk to your expert contractor to find out whether your gate qualifies for this – it’s all about gate type, property slope and the slant of your driveway that will either make it possible or not.


Do I have various as far as type of gate motor goes?

Yes. Predominantly three types of gate motors are available to the consumer today.Articulated gate openers are recommended specifically for gates with wide posts which necessitate the gate opening in small spaces – it is also known as a ‘crank arm gate’.Undergroundgate motors control a gate by moving the pivot point of each gate ‘leaf’ and the hidden nature makes this unit a preferred aesthetic choice. A sliding gate would be the best option in the instance of a slanted driveway directly behind the gate.


How do automatic gate sensors work?

Automatic gates work by simply havingmotion detector sensors. Although this is a novel and very effective feature, proper groundskeeping is essential since the smallest obstruction in front of the sensor could cause the gate not to open. In a garden or area where there is dense plant growth or long low branches, this is not highly recommended. Be committed to keeping the area around your sensor clear of anything that may interfere and this proves a great option for your automated gate.