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Electric Fence repair Elandsfontein  is not a purely local phenomenon, although in our country it remains a very effective crime deterrent and a very popular security solution. Some citizens would argue that electric fencing is a potentially hazardous and aggressive solution to ensure a secure residential or commercial property, but fact remains, today, due to its well-identifiable purpose, it is a largely visual deterrent to crime.

Installing Electric Fence Elandsfontein  is no mean feat and a compliant installation can only lawfully be done by a licensed and certified company. Unlike other security options, electric fencing is indeed by nature potentially dangerous if not maintained or installed with the proper care and under certain quality standards.

Used around a large amount of residences and businesses alike alongside alarm systems and CCTV cameras, it has firmly become a security must-have for property owners.

An electric fence is not typically a cause of massively increased electricity consumption and on average you will only see a slight increase in your electricity consumption. Solar panel options have also become a welcome addition in areas where electrical supply is often interrupted and a generator option may also specifically be required.

Electric Fence Elandsfontein

Maintenance and regular inspection of your electric fence is highly recommended since a technical fault or even a small amount of damage may result in your fence becoming defunct without your knowledge. Invest in spending some time with your accredited installation company to educate yourself on what signs to look out for and schedule regular visits from your technician to assist you in trouble-shooting risk for any potential hassles before they may occur.

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Rain damage to Electric Fence repairs Elandsfontein  is fairly common and your fence can lose some voltage in the process after rain. No electromechanical device is ever entirely fool-proof and in this case, specialist equipment is required for testing. A great relationship with your installation company will always see you through and assure you of a fully functioning fence.

Electric Fence Elandsfontein